About us

Muttisoft is an independent software vendor based in Lugano, on the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.
The research and development department is leaded by Engineer Maurizio Mutti expert in software development for the Microsoft Windows platforms and in web-based applications development.

The company philosophy is based on a typical Swiss skill, the quality:

  • Quality of execution, that is always performed at the state of the art.
  • Quality of care for detail, details make the difference between good and excellent products.
  • Quality of service, our mission is to always satisfy the customers.
  • Quality of technology used, we can assess the best technologies which allow for the best results in every area.

Our team, in more then a decade of experience, had the possibility to work on the following fields:

  • Assistive technologies
    Application development in Windows environment for persons with disabilities; in this area in particular we learned to design and implement the user interface that simplifies the use of software by the end user.
  • Web Development
    Development of internet and intranet sites and portals in this area we learned to use various techniques both server and client side to improve the user experience during its navigation in addition to optimizing sites to be indexed better engine search.
  • Networking
    Developing applications that use different standard network communication protocols such as telnet, pop, smtp, ftp, snmp, ...
  • Business Management Softwares
    Business managment softwares development in a typical client server to manage orders, invoices, inventory, ...
    In this context, we learned to make proper use of the SQL language to reduce at minimum the traffic of data on the network and the computational workload on the client.
  • Media centers
    Assembling and configuring Media Center solutions based on Microsoft Windows Media Center.
  • Embedded devices
    Application development for embedded devices (not pc) in particular on ARM7 and BeckIPC platforms. In this area we learned to optimize the code to spare CPU and memory resources.